Friday, August 14, 2009

Lagoon- Fun Memories!

A couple weeks ago me and a good friend Jordyn went to Lagoon randomly for a fun day in the sun& on the rides! Not a huge event but we got some hilarious pictures, just you wait ;)

The start of our adventure :)

Jordyn hates the spinny rides and I made her go on "The screamer" twice.. as well as the swings :)

Again on the screamer, it looks like she enjoyed it... right?

Then it was time for the "Merry-Go-Round"......

Getting on the horse was quite a challenge...

But NO WORRIES! I made it nice and safe!

Somehow.. Jordyn managed to find it difficult getting OFF the horses!

....and then we rode the "Sky Ride" 9 billion times... our day was complete :)


Every year I DREAD going to band camp, its like boot camp. NOT something to look forward to! Well... This year was magnificent. I don't understand why I liked it that much more then I usually do. I'm kinda coming the realization that I'm a senior this year and it's going to be a year of "last's" which makes me sad! Hopefully it'll be a year of alot of "firsts" too though. Camp this year was definately very memorable so I'll post some pictures about it and what not! Thanks Colorguard friends for making it so much fun! and thanks for an amazing 4 years of hard work and success Tiffany! (Here's some pictures! Sorry I haven't posted ONCE all summer!)

Some of the friends looking their best on the bus ride to Delta!

More Colorguard FRIENDS! (Rachel Taylor Sabrina Gretchen & Elizabeth)

Drum Majors (M'Kay Richard Debra)

I couldn't help NOT posting this one... Nikki at her finest :)

This is what camp looks like most of the time, standing in the sweltering heat waiting for instructions to do it "one more time" yeah right... :)

Senior Sabre's with band director Mr. Miller

Me and Chelle looking better than ever! :)

All the Sabre's with Tiff and her kids.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


a couple saturdays ago i got to experience PROM :) i'm pretty sure a girl never forgets prom, and i was almost positive i would be one of those girls who got to sit at home and enjoy a box of icecream and some soap opera's! but luckily i got to go with a great friend who i've known for a long time, Dakota, we had alot of fun together but it was mainly all of my girlfriends who were in our group that made it such an awesome night. me and all the girls went shopping all day and then got ready together after wards, we went and got pictures after we got picked up and then dinner & the dance after that! it was really alot of fun. :] The following saturday we did our "day date" and just went mini golfing, it was kinda silly, non of us took it seriously or were anything close to pro's at it, but it was alot of fun :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

overwhelming peace

I am just so grateful for the gospel, i cannot help but to be obsessed with this video right now. I would go on and bear my testimony on what i feel right now but if you watch the movie you'll know, cuz that's it. :]

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

spring break! :]

FINALLY i got a little bit of a breather, a tiny teeny little vacation, and thats all i really needed just a 3 day vacate.

Sunday we were gettin everything in the trailer and gettin all packed up to head.. south, we didn't even know what we were doing or where we were going, just gettin away :) we got food and clothes and all the other essentials packed into the trailer and left at about 3 pm. We got to Kanab (where??? yeah, exactly.. haha!) around 9 and ended up settin up camp there for the couple days we planned on being gone. there really isn't much to do in kanab.. it's just little. but on monday we went to the "toad stools" which was cool little sandstone things with giant ROCKS on top of them.

Me and Dillon in a little cave/cove thing.

The kids, standing infront of the main Toadstool.

It was only a little one mile hike is to the "toadstools" and it was worth it, it was SO FUN. and my youngest brother kept saying "i don't ever wanna leave, this is like a jungle gym for little boys like me!"haha and it's kinda true, there were lots of rocks to climb and stuff, kinda dangerous to be honest though.

After the playing around the toadstools for about 3 hours we were all kinda pooped and decided to take a drive, we made a loop through page arizona and then back up to kanab, it was really pretty and my two youngest brothers and i rode in the back of the truck the whole time because of the nice weather :)

We stopped to look at the Glen Canyon Dam, this is just the bridge over it, kinda cool though.

on tuesday we decided to go to ZIONS!! it was SO pretty, i could not believe that i have lived in utah my whole life and haven't ever seen zions. it was phenomenal! we took a little two miler hike up to view the "big picture" which was totally worth it.

Can't really see, but there's my mom jake and dad on some of the hike.

The family and the final view, thank goodness for the fence, it was SCARY!

We also rode a little shuttle bus in some of the places that not all traffic was allowed, it was pretty cool too but unfortunately it started pouring so we left for camp early :(

Wednesday the weather was still bad, it had poured all night and we planned to come home that day anyways so we just packed up camp and headed home, on our way we stopped (still in Kanab i think) at utah's "little hollywood" where some of the movie sets for old country movies were filmed, i was a bit lost since i'd never seen the movies, but it was fun to take pictures around the old cool looking stuff anyways, fun until it got too cold, then we were on the road again!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

too much time!

ohhhh boy.
i have an endless amount of time on my hands! blogging is pretty much all i feel like doing now days, i write in my journal then i blog on my personal "dear tanner" blog and then i sit on facebook.. and then i blog some more. hmm what to do what to do? :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

tanners in the mtc!

tanner is officially in the mtc!! wow! that went SO quick, i hope his mission goes just as quick, i already miss him! last night was easily one of the hardest nights of my life, i felt so terrible sobbing in front of tanner, i'm sure that's the last thing he needed but really i am just SO proud of him, what an extremely awesome sacrifice he's making. and i know so many will be blessed because of this awesome boy! i love him so much and am already missin him :) last thing he said to me was see ya soon! can't wait to hear his experiences! thank you everyone who has been my shoulder to cry on, your all so awesome!!