Friday, August 14, 2009

Lagoon- Fun Memories!

A couple weeks ago me and a good friend Jordyn went to Lagoon randomly for a fun day in the sun& on the rides! Not a huge event but we got some hilarious pictures, just you wait ;)

The start of our adventure :)

Jordyn hates the spinny rides and I made her go on "The screamer" twice.. as well as the swings :)

Again on the screamer, it looks like she enjoyed it... right?

Then it was time for the "Merry-Go-Round"......

Getting on the horse was quite a challenge...

But NO WORRIES! I made it nice and safe!

Somehow.. Jordyn managed to find it difficult getting OFF the horses!

....and then we rode the "Sky Ride" 9 billion times... our day was complete :)

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princessjosie said...

Oh Sadie I love love love your background! Where did you get it from??